Immigration Post 1

Immigration in the United States is something many strive to achieve. People see the United States as a land of opportunity to be able to get a job and work your way up to earn a living and support their family.

While some strive and work so hard to get into our country there are some who immigrated here with out any other choice. Some children and teenagers’ parents make the choice that the whole family is moving to America forcing the teens and children to leave all of their friends and everything they know about behind to move to a new place. This unit has challenged some ideas that I had about immigration to the US. I previously thought that the kids and teens would be more grateful for being able to come here but some are very angry about it. They do not feel that it was fair for the family to just leave their home country without even consulting them.


One thought on “Immigration Post 1

  1. Hi,
    This is a very interesting perspective on immigration that I personally have never considered. As on outsider, I usually view immigration, as you referenced earlier, as an amazing opportunity for these people to start a better life. However, I have never really considered how much of a personal impact it must have for kids or teenagers to leave everything they have ever known to enter a foreign country, in which today, they will most likely be mistreated. I think that as tension on immigration grows as a result of the new presidential candidate it becomes harder for these immigrants to maintain this positive attitude when immigrating. Do you think that as these younger generations spend time in America that their views change? Or, do you think that they maintain the same view?


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